SEARCE: Futurifying Businesses Leveraging Cloud and Analytics

CIOReview Team | Monday, 07 November 2016, 09:01 IST

Searce is a cloud and analytics led business transformation company focussed on futurifying businesses across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. A global delivery model coupled with Searce’s approach to partner with customers has helped them grow at over 40 percent annually since their inception in 2004.

Searce is one of Google’s top partners and is a part of the Google’s Global Partner Advisory Board. Leveraging Google’s technology and its process improvement & automation expertise to drive business transformation initiatives for organizations globally, Searce has delivered business futurification through cloud & analytics for 1,000+ customers, including the largest as well as the fastest growing tech companies in India. As for the customer base, it includes some of the largest names in Retail & e-commerce, Taxi & Food-tech, Technology, Media & Advertising, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharma, Logistics and many others.

Beyond Cloud Thinking
“Transform your business. Don’t just relocate your data. Moving your data center to cloud is ‘more of the same’ of what you do today.” says Hardik Parekh, CEO, Searce.

Searce drives business process management and robotic process automation through a set of domain experts who help processify functions that are first made cloud-ready.

The company’s cloud solutions team drives Saasification for various business needs including communication & collaboration, storage & security, backup & archival, CRM, Helpdesk & Ticketing, HR & Payroll, invoicing & payment, business dashboards, analytics etc. 
The real benefit of moving to cloud is realized when businesses start building using next generation API services, and not just servers. Based on the changes in business needs, when solutions & software are designed to scale up and down seamlessly, the costs too proportionately go up or down. Searce helps organizations with such transitions by reimagining the on-premise applications with ready to consume on-cloud solutions.

Searce’s cloud engineering team helps organizations innovate rapidly by building custom dashboards that provide real insights to enable timely business decisions. Being a top partner for Google and an award winner for runner-up Asia-pacific Partner of the Year-2015 for Google Apps for Work, Searce works closely with Google in driving innovation workshops for C-level of various industries.

Searce believes that its strength is in leveraging highly consultative hands on approach to driving business transformation. To this Hardik Parekh, CEO said, “When businesses approach us, we understand the business vision, current industry trends & challenges, organizational digital strategy and identify the custom go-to-cloud roadmap and beyond-cloud journey with a 6 months, 12 months and 24 months strategy. We processify, saasify, cloudify and innovatify by helping ‘reimagine the what’ for our partners.”

Smart, Secure & a Modern Way to Doing Things
Searce’s mission statement is to identify betters way of doing things. As a part of that mission, Searce leverages Google’s technology platform which is designed to be smart and intelligent, highly secure and made for futuristic organizations.

Searce works with media and advertising, logistics, freight forwarding, retail and e-commerce and makes business processes highly smart, secure and mobile. With deep expertise in transforming horizontal functions like HR & people analytics, invoicing and payment collections, electronic invoicing & pricing & quoting analytics, Searce leverages the power of cloud and analytics, to transform the way accounts receivable and payable works. It does so by creating various kinds of innovative dashboards that help organizations take better decisions. The focus remains on reimagining a smarter way of doing things.

Industries having strict regulatory requirements towards security standards carry a higher risk of exposure in this internet age. Even minor carelessness from staff puts company's digital assets at risk. Searce’s well rooted understanding of such use cases coupled with Google Apps Unlimited, which is the premium business version of Google Apps, helps introduce strong preventive measures around digital security. In addition to everything available in Google Apps for Work, it includes unlimited storage, Drive administration, Auditing & Reporting features and Google Vault. Vault’s encrypted connections to Google’s servers, simultaneous replicated storage for messages, built-in disaster recovery and sharing controls lets users collaborate securely on matters without disturbing the confidential legal requirements of the organization. It also plays the role of a single archive for email and chat messages. Governance policies are applied directly to the data store, eliminating the need to duplicate data in separate archives reducing the risks associated with data movement and spoliation.

Helping to reimagine people processes in a smart, secure modern enterprise, Searce deploys HappierWork. HappierWork is a people care platform for Google Apps designed to bring in the ‘Google way of managing People Operations’ to all organizations. 

Backupify, a partner of Searce, protects Google Apps data through secure, automatic, daily backup. The advanced administrative features help in safeguarding businesses from data loss caused by user errors, malicious deletions, hackers, and app errors. The robust search filters make it locate backup files and folders seamlessly on cloud.

Searce also works towards transforming education by introducing Google Apps through ensuring fast, easy collaboration to create an ideal environment for learning in the 21st century. Google Classroom helps streamline academic workflows of allocating and managing assignments in the most collaborative manner. A group of students can work together by collaborating using Google Docs, reviewing and approving changes in real time. Additionally, students can see exactly when their professors are available and vice versa with Google Calendar. Classroom is designed to create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and communicate easily with their classes.

A partner to the top cloud solutions companies and robotic automation companies, and with its consultative business consulting expertise, Searce is ranked as one of the fastest growing companies of 2014 in the Inc 5000 magazine.

Proof is in the Pudding
Searce is supporting over 300,000 users leveraging Google technologies. Searce’s cloud-led transformation expertise has played a key role in the digital transformation of some of India’s well known brands such as Flipkart, Welspun, Ola Cabs, Freecharge, Titan, Hiranandani & Lodha Group. 

Titan, a part of Tata group, is a manufacturing company that produces India's largest and best-known range of personal accessories — watches, jewellery, sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Titan had a unique requirement of managing all the retail outlets using a highly secure environment wherein people are able to access information only on a need-to-know basis which did not require them to create independent servers at every store. However, Titan had thousands of outlets across India which proved to be a nightmare for the IT team to manage the network remotely and maintain continuous access. When approached for help, Searce, as a part of the go-to-Cloud road map for Titan, moved the communication and collaboration infrastructure to cloud followed by implementation of a single-sign-on which allows users to access all the tools and technologies being deployed by Titan using a single user ID and password. Further, adding security to the process, Searce’s team deployed a 2-factor authentication and IP Restriction to ensure a smart, secure and a modern solution. “Those are the high-end security parameters that are, now coming into play which is inherent in every solution we help design”, adds Hardik.

In order to improve the communication & collaboration, Searce conceptualized and deployed HappierDeck, a smart corporate communications platform for Titan that improves companywide visibility and transparency of various new joinees, new product launches, etc.

The current rate at which technology is rebooting with new innovations, clearly suggests that the way work is done today will be replaced by automation, artificial intelligence and robots. Looking at this as an opportunity, Searce aims to help 10,000 companies futurify their businesses by 2020 as a trusted cloud-led business transformation and technology partner. 

With a belief that ‘Best Practices are Overrated’ Searce brings together an innovation focused work culture that not only works to transform your business and execute your digital strategy, but to help futurify your organization’s work culture & processes and enabling working the way we live.

Refining Go-To-Cloud Strategy
The current situation is apparent that most of the companies are strategizing to move their data to cloud and do not want to own their boxes such as servers, storages and backups. Searce helps organizations with such transitions by replacing on premise applications with complete on-cloud solutions. Searce’s cloud solutions forte take care of an entire gamut of business needs like communication and collaboration, storage & security, backup & archival, human resource, invoicing & payment, business dashboards, predictive analytics etc. On the parallel side, the world is now emerging as a completely device agnostic play, where the business should not depend on the device for an app or solution to execute.

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