Innovatia: Customer Maniacs For The New Age Business Solutions

CIO Vendor Custom solutions require exceptional creativity and a mind that can think differently. Problem solving becomes obsolete if one is limited with tools on hand. Innovatia, however, believes in building new ones. With National Research Council (NRC), Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) at their aid as partners, Innovatia is committed to continuous investment in the science of learning.

For a score of years, Innovatia has focused generously in transforming knowledge into performance for clients across the globe. With 650+ knowledge management professionals globally to support different business sectors, Innovatia has provided end to end knowledge management services in different areas including content development, content architecture, technical support, software and more. The company’s services have helped customers reduce content by over 50 percent, delivered approximately 25 percent savings overall resulting from reduced authoring effort, decreased translation & localization cost, and reduced information storage cost. “Innovatia uses a standardized yet adaptive approach that begins with development of a content framework, supported by proven information capture processes”, explains Roxanne Fairweather, Co-CEO, Innovatia.

Innovatia’s flexible approach to learning design and development allows us to work closely with the clients, to offer learning services that are tailored to their individual business needs.

At Innovatia, we believe that the success of a project is directly connected to the quality of the methods used to deliver it. Our methods promote collaboration among all members of our project team, leading to an accurate, reliable, and thoroughly tested product”

Procedure Accelerator is a systematic lifecycle management solution that brings writers, subject matter experts, and users together to simplify the creation, maintenance, and execution of standard work. A form based authoring interface simplifies procedure creation and modifications for writers and subject matter experts. Reusable content statements result in faster authoring times and more consistent content. An automated revision workflow facilitates seamless continuous improvement and measurement tools make calculating improvements fast and easy.

Procedure Flow is a reinterpreted contact center knowledge base. It makes the most complicated information easy and intuitive to create, maintain and use, in highly regulated and complex industries. Procedure Flow allows organizations to leverage the knowledge and expertise of their top performers, and put it into the hands of every employee, improving quality and consistency. This allows organizations to transform traditional classroom training to ‘learning by doing’, creating a more motivating and engaging environment for employees.

Innovatia provides software, content architecture consulting, technical process andProcedural documentation services, training services (ILT and eLearning) and technical support to over 100 clients across multiple sectors. Innovatia has enhanced the user experience by providing a onestop communication and collaboration tool accessible anytime, anywhere, and on multiple devices.

The company has knowledge-management professionals working in four
countries, across three continents, delivering business solutions to world leading Fortune 500 companies with the top two verticals being the Industrial & Manufacturing Sector and the Technology Sector.

Within Innovatia, we believe 70/20/10 model which indicates learning happens as follows:
• 70 percent from on-the-job experiences.
• 20 percent from feedback and observing others.
• 10 percent from formal training events.

Customer Satisfaction, High Quality Work, Customized Design, Consistent excellent post sale support; these parameters form the foundation on which Innovatia’s success is built.
Innovatia is working with
• The world’s largest networking company
• The world’s largest Agribusiness company
• The world’s largest Oil & Gas company from upstream, midstream and downstream
• The world’s largest chemical company
• 3 of the top 15 chemical companies globally
• 3 of the top 10 refining companies in North America

Innovatia’s diversified services have helped a plethora of Telecom, Industrial/Manufacturing and energy customers by:
• over 50 percent reduction in content
• delivered approximately 25 percent savings overall resulting from reduced authoring effort
• decreased translation & localization cost and reduced information storage cost
• reduce authoring time by up to 60 percent
• cut review time by up to 83 percent
• minimize number of procedures needed by 38 percent
Innovatia has also successfully helped customers to
• cut high operating cost
• reduce and automate long training programs
• simplify training information and process
• constantly maintain high quality content
• provide excellent customer services whenever you need

The world we live and work in is becoming increasingly connected and time agnostic wherein:
• Speed to competency is linked not only to efficiency but safety and obligatory regulations.
• Meaningful data drives wiser decisions.
•Learning, training, performance support and relentless improvement evolve in the moment of need.

In support of Innovatia’s core mission to be a thought leader & industry innovator, we intend to build strategic partnerships & continued investment in emergent technologies in both, process and product realms. This helps keep the organization poised to guide the clients along their journey towards smarter, safer, and scalable organizations. “Some say that knowledge is power. We say that performance is power and we, the ‘customer maniacs’, will lead you there”, concludes Roxanne.